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Providing valuable information to improve your health is one of our top priorities at Valley Gastroenterology Associates and Four Seasons Endoscopy Center. Our physicians are happy to provide this resource for you.
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Sustainable Weight Loss – It’s About Small Steps
By Karen Jerome-Zapadka, M.D.

There’s no magic pill for long-term sustainable weight loss. Only by learning new ways to think about food, challenging your body through increased physical activity and learning new behaviors, will you find success. Your long-term commitment is THE foundation to reaching and maintaining your weight loss goal. Read more >>


Healthy Eating = Happy Colon
By Dominic G. Ventura, D.O.

Making your colon happy probably isn’t something you think about every day. But with colon cancer increasing at alarming rates among younger and middle-aged adults, colon health is coming into focus like never before. Now, our younger generations are in danger. Read more >>

What Happens at a Colonoscopy Screening?
By Dominic G. Ventura, D.O.

If you’re one of the many people who are nervous about getting a colonoscopy because you can’t tolerate pain, fear no more! Most people experience no pain. Read more >>